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A Practical Approach to Bringing Automation, Security & Efficiency to Your Network

 Is your network cumbersome to change and expensive to maintain?  Do you have to wait weeks for maintenance windows to conduct your moves, adds and changes?  Are you concerned about malware infecting your entire network?  Are you struggling to get complete visibility of all the users, devices and applications on your network?

Extreme's field-proven end-to-end Fabric Connect technology, combined with Extreme Management Center can bring security, automation, and increased visibility to your environment ― providing a simple network foundation that will help you do more with less.

Current trends like IoT, mobility, real time traffic (AI, VR) - combined with increased risk of high profile breach - create complexity in enterprise campus networks. Extreme’s Secure Automated Campus is a simple alternative to outdated networking solutions that bring automation, security and visibility to the campus network. It combines field-proven network technology (Fabric Connect) with integrated software suite (Extreme Management Center) plus the #1 ranked support services in the industry. 

Watch this on-demand video to learn more about:

  • User & Device On-Boarding ― how to do this securely and with greater ease, especially with the influx of IoT devices connecting to the network.
  • Network Moves, Adds & Changes ― how the right network fabric will enable you to perform the vast majority of your network changes without a maintenance window by eliminating the need to touch the core and aggregation layers of the network.
  • Breach Containment ― why the NSA recommends segmenting the network to protect valuable applications and information and how you can do this with ease and at scale.
  • Visibility ― how to get a true 360-degree view of the network, users, devices and applications for proactive management and valuable insights.




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