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Migrating from On-Premises email to Office 365 — with Barracuda Cloud Essentials for Security

The longer you host email on your own servers, the more complications pile up. Security patches, upgrades, virus threats, phishing and even ransomware risks can result from hosting on-premises email.

A much better option is to host your email in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365. Cloud-based email has several key advantages:

  • Availability on all devices. With cloud-based email apps, all your people can get their email on any internet-connected device — smartphone, tablet or PC. That streamlines your business because it’s easier for people to collaborate, make decisions and get things done.
  • Upgrading is much simpler. You’re constantly patching and upgrading when you host email yourself. And heaven help you if you miss an upgrade that plugs a major security hole. Some people are using old versions of their software that are no longer supported, posing even more security risks. The cloud helps mitigate these threats.
  • Simpler billing. With Office 365, you get all of Microsoft’s signature productivity apps — Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more — with simplified annual billing.
  • Easier backup and restore. You don’t need to use tape drives anymore to back up your data. It can be backed up to a secure external site and your data retrieved easier than is possible with tape drives.

Those are the major pluses. The major minuses are managing the cloud migration and keeping everything secure once it’s stored off-site.


Migrating to the cloud might be more than you want to do on your own

The prime complication with moving to the cloud and embracing Office 365 is trying to do it all yourself. All your users need to be transferred to the cloud environment, and all your stored data has to remain available. Each on-premises version of software has its own peculiarities that can bog down your transition if you don't know the terrain.

That’s why migration to Office 365 is one of our key services at ENT. We do these kinds of projects every day with people trained and certified in the cloud and Microsoft apps.

It’s kind of like the difference between building a workbench in your garage with your own tools and adding an extra bedroom with a deluxe bathroom. Theoretically you could do the big complicated project — but it just makes more sense to hand it off to experts who can get it done right, and finish it much sooner than you could ever do yourself.

Why You need Barracuda Cloud Essentials for your Office 365 migration

Barracuda Networks is one of our top partners for moving our clients into the cloud with Office 365. Why? Because their Cloud Essentials suite has a robust collection of must-have security tools.

When you’re moving data to the cloud, it doesn’t live within the bounds of your office anymore. It’s stored in a server farm somewhere. This has one inherent advantage: There’s no way a fire, flood, tornado or earthquake can wipe out your data, networks and servers. And you can’t lose your systems to a break-in or theft.

The trouble is, you can’t help wondering how secure your email is when it’s stored in some faraway data center. Fortunately, Barracuda Networks has all this worked out. Though they can’t stop every conceivable security breach, they can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a damaging attack.


What we like about Barracuda Essentials for Office 365

The folks at Barracuda recognize that email is one of your mission-critical communication applications. And they acknowledge that because everybody uses email, it’s like a big red bullseye for cybercriminals.

Barracuda faces these threats head-on with five critical cyber defenses for Office 365 email:

  • Protection from email-borne threats. You get a strong defense against spam, viruses, malware, phishing and other methods of infesting your emails. Barracuda Essentials can sandbox attachments to reduce the damage they can do, and it relies on encryption and data-loss protections to safeguard sensitive data.
  • Email threat scanner. Barracuda software scans all the activity in your email inboxes for signs of malicious activity. This is an especially important defense against ransomware attacks that can shut down your entire system for days or weeks.
  • Backup and recovery. When hackers come calling, secure backups may be the only thing saving your IT operations. And having a recovery plan in place ensures you get back up and running quickly if, for instance, a denial-of-service attack grinds your IT operations to a halt.
  • Artificial intelligence. A complement to Barracuda Essentials is Barracuda Sentinel, which uses AI to provide real-time protection against spear-phishing and cyber fraud. AI can “learn” your company’s communications patterns to identify anything out of the ordinary that might point to malicious activities.
  • Compliant archives. If regulations require you to store data securely and safely, you need a compliant archiving system. Barracuda Essentials ensures you have it.

It pays to migrate with us

If you’re operating old, unpatched email software on-premises, you might as well leave the front door of your office wide open when you go home at night. If cybercriminals find that open door, they can turn the life of your business upside down.

But even if you keep everything patched and current and try to stay abreast of security trends, you’re missing an opportunity to streamline your business with the advantages of cloud-based Office 365. And if you do migrate to Office 365, you really need the extra protection that Barracuda Networks provides.


Talk to us and we’ll be glad to get you there.

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