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Revolutionizing Access Control With One Simple Solution

Unlike traditional panel-based or IP-panel systems, ISONAS delivers the one proven access control solution that offers network-based, “Pure IP” to the door technology. That eliminates the need for cumbersome control panels at each and every access point, complex wiring and power supplies that are costly, and regular maintenance across physical locations. 

With innovative PowerNet reader-contollers, ISONAS provides a simpler and smarter alternative. This innovative technology enables you to manage multiple locations in real-time through your existing network, lower your total cost of ownership, and experience the flexibility to go places your organization never imagined.


ISONAS provides an access control system that enables effortless integration with your existing systems—or new ones over time. The open platform frees customers from proprietary, closed systems with limited features and functionality. Join the Pure IP revolution, let ENT & ISONAS’s open platform allow you to create an IP ecosystem for the future.

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