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Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is becoming the most significant security threat today. Numerous individuals and organizations have unknowingly wired money, sent tax information, and emailed credentials to criminals who were impersonating their boss, colleague, or a trusted customer. These attacks are convincing and cannot be stopped with existing email security solutions—creating devastating results for individuals and organizations.

What is Spear Phishing???

1. A hacker targets a company. Using social networks and other internet data, he finds employees with access to company data/systems.

2. Following the social trail, he identifies other people the employee may know.

3. A fake but recognizable email address is created to impersonate a colleague or boss.

4. A personalized email is sent to the employee from the fake address with a link or attachment.

5. The email passes the spam filter and arrives at the employee's inbox.

6. The email is opened because they "know" the sender.

7. A link is clicked or attachment is opened.

8. Opened websites/attachments cause credentials to be stolen and malware to be installed, infecting the computer and the network.

9. The hacker uses the backdoor to steal sensitive information.


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